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Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Study in Emerald - Agent Sunday

Hey Hey, this time I have someting weird to show you. Couple months ago I've made Agent Sunday figurine for "A Study in Emerald" -  Two-player variant card deck which you can find here. This mini is bigger than usually - ca. 5cm high


Game Profile on BGG: A Study in Emerald

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Images from Hobold's table #19 - Targi & Targi: Die Erweiterung

I've made minis for Andreas Steiger's Targi expansion couple month ago but I forgot to post pictures. 

So here you are, tokens & mepples for base game:

  • 7 figurines
  • 4 tribal markers
  • 10 pepper tokens
  • 10 salt tokens
  • 10 dates tokens

...and for the expansion:
  • 1 targia figurine
  • 2 pepper tokens
  • 2 salt tokens
  • 2 dates tokens
  • 25 water tokens


Game Profile in BGG: Targi,  Targi: Die Erweiterung
Publisher: KOSMOS

Monday, January 30, 2017

Images from Hobold's table #17 - The Colonists

I made only 19 of the 120 colonists in the game, but the most important.

  • 16 Stewards (4 per colour)
  • 3 Special Ambassadors (alchemist, Altruist and Laborer) 
I'm not sure why, but those takes more time as usually. I hope you like them.


Game Profile on BGG: The Colonists