How to order?

How to order

Dear geeks!
You can find all my creations on the left side of the blog. Every figurine takes up a lot of time, so I don't have any supplies of them, and you'd have to wait a bit until they're finished. I can also make minis for every boardgame you want.

If you want me to make a set for you, place your orders through my email:
I'm waiting for Your suggestions.


Shipping costs:
Germany: 5 Euro
UE: 12 Euro
Europa non-UE 16 Euro
World: 20 Euro

The number of ordered sets doesn't affect the price of shipping

Etsy Store

I use Etsy to sell only finished, partially finished pieces. Prices on Etsy are a littlle bit higher because of broker's percentage. So better way is ordering via e-mail.

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