Friday, April 13, 2018

Images from Hobold's table #40 - Dungeon Petz

Hello Again. My last Dungeon Petz Set. Changes changes, just a little bit like always but satisfying for some time for me 

What's on photos?
  • 11 meat
  • 14 vegetables 
  • 30 manure
  • 20 suffering tokens
  • first player token
  • 8 mutation tokens
  • 40 gold


Game Profile in BGG: Dungeon Petz
Designer: Vlaada Chvatil
Publisher: Czech Game Edition


I can make a set for you. Contact me via or visit my Etsy Store: Hobold's Grotte


  1. Love the mutation tokens. You match the token colur perfectly. Do you ever consider making the pets themselves?

    1. Of couse. But I don't have time for making this for myself. I love Fimo's pallete of colours, with these it easy to catch matching shade. (sorry for late answer, nottification fail)