Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hobold's custom figurines #4

Today I want to show you some unique minis, made for a special person. I hope you'll recognize those three gentlemen :)

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Hobold's custom figurines #3

Take a look at this fellowship.  Complete description of all characters at the bottom. When I read this, my longing for a RPG session dramatically increases. My last fellowship dies 14 years ago. 

"This is my first time playing D&D and we are using Pathfinder. The world Ekos is created by our dungeon master."  

"1 elf: Ailluian

Ailluian is an old, tall elf. Standing 6’ 5” tall, he is very lean (~140 lb) yet doesn’t convey the frailty many of his race tend to. His hair is a pure, almost unnatural white and falls just below his shoulders when loose, though he often has it tied back in a simple ponytail when adventuring. His almond-shaped eyes are golden with flecks of green, and exude the vast intellect behind them. His pale skin has a slight goldish undertone, though it’s barely detectable except in the brightest of light. He has a pair of glasses that he wears when reading.
At the castle he favors simple tan robes cinched at the waist with a simple cord. While traveling, he wears leather breeches, one of several shirts, and one of several nature-colored vests (a typical combination would be a salmon pink shirt and green vest) . He always has a brooch attached to the vest: A tree on a field of blue with stars overhead. He wears a jacket which, along with the pants, is filled with pockets that are usually full of various scientific and/or utilitarian objects. Along his belt hangs a spell component pouch, a scroll case, a canteen, and a sack; he also wears a backpack. Over all this he wears an earth-tone cloak with the hood lowered and a dark brown fedora. On chilly days he’ll wear a scarf. He wears two rings – one of simple silver and the other with the same symbol as the brooch. On his feet are sturdy black boots of fine craftsmanship.
He walks with the aid of a staff that’s nearly as tall as he is, and at his hip is a rapier. A longbow and quiver are attached to his backpack.
(he is the second tallest character in our group, Anissina is the tallest.)

2. Animal Companion - Small Bird Philius  

3. Anissina is an older elf. Elves tend to become hardened like ivory when they age, and she is no exception. The age shows in her hands, which tremble slightly when she's not paying attention to them. Her hair is white like dirty snow; it's cropped short and close to her skull to prevent contaminating her work. She's very tall, and experimentation on her physique with synthetic humors has left her lean and gaunt. You have never in the 30 years seen skin above her wrists or ankles. She dresses formally, spending decades mending and alchemically enhancing the materials in the outfits she's had all this time. A blouse. A vest. A cravat. A tailored jacket, hanging now off her form slightly as she shrinks with age and the wear of want. Trousers cut straight. A wide-brimmed hat with a cord to prevent the wind from stealing it. You've seen her reach for crudely-cut spectacles in the past while studying, evidence that the years are stealing her near sight. The point of one ear is missing, and you've never heard the story. Her nose is long and the nares flare wide while sensing the environment. She lost most of her eyebrows when she was an apprentice. Her eyes are a dull gray black until words strike them from a page. Race: Elf. Age: Old. Height: 6'6". Weight: Gaunt and thin. Skin tone: Alabaster and bloodless. Hair: White.

4. Berric - Berric is an older (human) man, tall, lean and muscular. He has short, grey hair, though his hairline has been receding over the years. His skin is rough and tanned, and he has world-weary brown eyes. He wears light, loose fitting clothes - a light blue shirt and tan pants. He wears a grey cloak over his shoulders, and flecks of steel are visible glinting off of it in the right light. He walks with a lucerne hammer, the full length of which is a full foot taller than him. On his belt are a pair of chakrams. 6’1”, 195 lbs

5. BugEyes Small and Pixy looking gnome and a druid. BugEyes has abnormally large eyes on her tiny face. The rest of her features are normal for her small size although they are all a little pointy. Here eyes come to a sharp upward point in the far edges. Her eyebrows extend into her hairline and come to a point blending into her hair, which is a light lavender shade. Her nose is pert and small like her lips which seldom smile. Her skin is a light pink color. Her ears also come to a point but however they point more backwards and down then an elfs. She wears gray wool long skirt to just above her ankles. Her boots are light blue. Her shirt is a tunic that is rather close fitting with short sleeves and she ties a a thick leather belt around her waste that has a little pouch for potions and what not. She has a silver dagger tucked into her waste however for her size it is a good size weapon for her. She wears leather cuffs on her arms from her wrists to her elbow. She also wears a brown cape with an oversized hood that is tied around her neck and back over her shoulders. 

6. Animal Badger: Honey Honey is a medium size creature, he is about the same weight as BugEyes, both are considered medium size creatures. I think he actually weighs a little more then her. His color is a honey colored brown on top and it’s a darker brown on the bottom. His face has white markings on it, there's a stripe down the center and one on each side of his eyes like the picture. He has long claws and is low to the ground with a longer body. He's a grumpy little badger and usually has a scowl on his face.

7. William - Merely a boy of 13, William hasn't reached his full height or strength potential, and comes in at 5'4" and is slightly muscular, though his muscles look out of place on his boyish frame. He dresses in browns and greens to blend in with countryside. He carries a sack and a quiver. Two machetes are strapped to the sides of the handmade quiver. His bow rests in his hands, or in close reach most of the time. His skin is pale, and he works hard to keep his shaggy red hair off his face. His boyish face has been marred by a single scar from a troll claw that runs from his nose down his left cheek and disappears under his gear. His large bright green eyes once held an expression of curiosity and excitement, are now wide with fear and paranoia. I have two more character's I'm waiting on and 1 more animal. I will get them to you when the people give me their descriptions. If you could wait to send them all at once that would be great.

8. He is a human gunslinger named Torden aka. Thunder. He carries 2 guns (that I know of) and they are the old fashion kind that you have to make your own bullets and use gunpowder and it takes a while to load. He's a middle age human, ( he was born before the "event" in our world which happened about 30 years ago when another dimension/world collided with ours.) He is also the Marshal in our castle."