Monday, September 19, 2016

Hobold's custom figurines #1

I would like to introduce you Gurdis - my first custom figirines made for order. I quote part of the correspondence about her ;)

"Hello! I'm starting a new D&D game and looking for a small figurine of my character. 
She is a mountain dwarf named Gurdis. She is a cleric with a hermit background. She wears a special amulet and a small sack with supplies. 

I imagine that she has very light hair and likes to wear earth colors and blues. 


1. Gurdis has scale mail, and perhaps a robe and trousers, if that makes sense. 
2. Sack on back, if possible.
3. Her weapon is a quarter staff. 

Also, if it's not too much trouble, it would be cool if she had braided hair. If not, no problem.

These are all suggestions, btw. If there is anything that won't fit or is too hard to make, no worries. :)"

I've made her couple months ago, It was pure fun for me. 

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